Debris Box Services


We divert all recyclable materials.

GW Debris Services delivers all your material from your debris box to the Zanker Recycling in San Jose. Zanker is one of the most innovative processing facilities in the world, with an 89% diversion rate. This means that instead of your waste being buried in a landfill, it is given new life as a recycled product.

RCI – Third Party Certification

Zanker is the first facility in California to receive third-party certification of its recycling rates from the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI). The RCI uses independent third-party evaluators to verify the accuracy and reliability of the recovery/recycling rates reported. Providing a rigorous set of protocols, guidelines, and tools to professionally review and certify the recovery/recycling reports of participating C&D recyclers, the Institute is intended to increase certainty and build confidence in the C&D recycling marketplace on the part of project owners, architects, the environmental community, municipalities and the public.

Please visit Zanker Recycling for more information.

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